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Custom Multifocal and Multifocal Toric Contact Lenses

Do you ever struggle to successfully fit multifocal or multifocal toric contact lenses? Maybe that minus distance over-refraction dramatically improves distance vision but ruins the near vision your patient loved. Or, you increase add power to improve the patient’s near vision but cause distance vision to suffer. Because of these past experiences, you may have found multifocal and toric multifocal lens fittings to be painful and time-consuming. We understand how you feel when a presbyopic patient or astigmatic presbyopic patient presents to your practice seeking a viable alternative to reading or progressive glasses, and we’re here to help.

Together, we can reduce the agony of your multifocal fittings and satisfy more patients using a systematic strategy, your expertise, and the customizable optics of SpecialEyes’ multifocal lenses.



54 Multifocal

SpecialEyes 54 Multifocal Aspheric Design

54 Bifocal

SpecialEyes 54 Bifocal Annulator Two-Zone Design

SpecialEyes’ complete line of custom multifocal and toric multifocal contact lenses isavailable in toric or sphere, with add powers up to +4.00 diopters and quarterly replacement. All SpecialEyes bifocal and multifocal contact lenses—including multifocal sphere and multifocal toric contact lenses—are manufactured from high-performing hioxifilcon D 54% material. For more information on this material, download the Professional Fitting Guide, Package Insert, and Wearer’s Instruction Guide.

SpecialEyes custom lenses will arrive in your office in 2 to 4 business days. And with our Guaranteed Fit Program credit is always available for non-adapt patients.