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Are you struggling with toric multifocal contact lenses? If so, let’s work together to create successful patient outcomes.

Join the ranks of practitioners and patients who have attained success with the SpecialEyes 54 Multifocal Toric. Don’t settle for multifocal lenses that limit your options and only allow you to change power to improve vision. Instead, partner with SpecialEyes by using our multifocal fitting strategy and lens with customizable optics to meet the specific visual needs of your presbyopic patients. In doing so, you will be regarded as the expert who gave your patients what they wanted— freedom from glasses and functional vision at all ranges.

SpecialEyes' Multifocal Fitting Strategy

Please complete the form to download the strategy. Here's to satisfying more presbyopic patients in a multifocal contact lens.††

1. Select & Measure

Select Patient
Does your patient have any of the following indications AND the motivation to wear multifocal contact lenses?

  • Presbyopia combined with astigmatism
  • Suboptimal visual acuities or fit issues with in-office multifocal contact lenses
  • Intolerance to GP lenses

Learn how Moshe Schwartz, OD creates a successful, efficient, and enjoyable fitting experience through patient communication.

Careful Manifest Refraction
Perform solid refraction at distance and near. Don’t use an old refraction.

Accurate Pupil Size
Success depends on an accurate pupil size measurement. Document the device and room lighting used during measurement.

  • Example 1: Medmont topo in dim light
  • Example 2: Handheld ruler in regular light

K Readings and HVID
HVID is crucial if the patient experiences fit issues with in-office contact lenses. If no measurement is provided, an average HVID of 11.8mm will be used.

2. Design & Evaluate

Provide measurements and prior lens-wear history to SpecialEyes and allow us to design trial lenses, or design the lenses yourself using the Arc-Length Calculator and Multifocal Simulator.

Evaluate the trial lenses on-eye and download our checklist to record the following:

  • Fit details (centration, movement, rotation, and limbal coverage)
  • Binocular visual acuities at distance and near
{Pause Point}

Are the lenses dispensable?

YES: Dispense lenses and follow up in 1 week. Expect improved vision with adaptation time. Wait before making any changes.

NO: Take monocular visual acuities and perform over-refraction using loose handheld lenses. Evaluate what the distance over-refraction does to the near vision and vice versa. Record the patient’s chief complaints and contact consultation.

3. Consult & Modify

Click or Call 866.822.2020

Many times, we find that suboptimal visual acuity can be attributed to pupil size and the manner in which the multifocal optics are distributed. SpecialEyes consultants are trained to decipher which change will be most appropriate -a multifocal zone change versus a power change.

Prior to making changes for vision, always confirm:

  • Appropriate fit
  • Stable rotation
  • Solid refraction
  • Accurate pupil size
If your staff will be contacting us to consult, please download our checklist to ensure they have all the pertinent information needed.