SpecialEyes 54 Multifocal

A custom soft contact lens option for your presbyopic patients.

The 54 Multifocal offers you:
SpecialEyes 54 Multifocal Aspheric Design
  • Custom Aspheric Design for easier patient adaptation - view the fitting guide!
  • Center-near design OU is recommended (center-distance design available upon request)
  • Completely custom multifocal optics
  • SpecialEyes Multifocal Simulator to determine initial multifocal zones and to optimize the multifocal optics to each patient's individual pupil size
  • Enroll in the 54 Multifocal Email Course to learn how to fit and customize the design
  • Vision for all ranges: near, intermediate, and distance
  • Available in sphere & toric
  • Add power up to +4.00 diopters
  • Lenses will arrive in your office in 2-4 days
  • Credit is always available for non-adapt patients
  • Read Multifocal Case Studies
  • Request Information
  • Submit the online Open an Accountform to open an account and order the 54 Multifocal!
  • Have a question? We have an answer. We would be glad to assist you.

    Are you interested in fitting the SpecialEyes 54 Multifocal Lens but would like to chat with a consultant? Call 866-404-1060, email consult@specialeyesqc.com, or submit the online Consultation Request form and our knowledgeable consultants will be glad to assist you.

    If you would like to request information, please fill out the online Request Information form and a representative will send additional information for your review.

    Custom Contact Lens Parameters