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Optic Zone Customization and Assessment Tips

SpecialEyes custom soft contact lenses come standard with an 8.0mm optic zone. However, we can customize the optic zone up to 10mm in 0.5mm increments. This can prove helpful in situations where a patient with sphere or toric contact lenses experiences glare and halos due to large-sized pupils. You may request a larger optical zone when ordering your custom soft contact lenses, or contact a consultant at 866-822-2020 or for further information.




Optical Zone Assessment Tips:

  1. With the contact lenses on the eyes, occlude the unaffected eye. If experiencing glare and halos in both, occlude either eye.
  2. Shine penlight into occluded eye in an attempt to shrink pupil and limit light in non-occluded eye.
  3. While shining light into occluded eye, ask patient if glare symptoms have improved or resolved. If these symptoms have improved or resolved, then you may assume that increasing the optical zone of the contact lens will solve the glare and halo issue for your patient.