While Making Custom Contact Lenses, SpecialEyes Celebrates!

Party at SpecialEyes!

Specialeyes is no stranger to throwing a good party while working diligently to make precise custom contact lenses. When it came to Staci Blackwell’s 50th Birthday Bash there were no exceptions! To paint the picture of the day, everyone came dressed in black, decorations as far as the eye could see, all reminding Staci she was now half a century old. While taking care of our valued account holders and making custom contact lenses, Staci was outfitted with coke bottle glasses and a cane! And of course there was cake, tastily decorated in black roses. Staci was a good sport, took it all in stride, and reminded us that she is not 50 years old but rather she is 18 years old with 32 years of experience!

Staci celebrating with SpecialEyes

Staci before the decorations!

Party at SpecialEyes











SpecialEyes Team Celebrating











Staci at SpecialEyes











50th B-day at SpecialEyes

Margot White

Margot is the Customer Service Manager at SpecialEyes and brings with her many years of experience in the customer service industry.  She encourages us to act with excellence in all we do.

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