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About SpecialEyes Custom Contact Lenses

As an independent eye-care provider, you have the power to change lives by helping each patient overcome unique optical issues and attain crisp, clear vision. SpecialEyes custom contact lenses can help you achieve that mission and improve your overall success rate.

We know that successful patient outcomes are your primary goal, so we recognize how frustrating it can be when your in-office, go-to contact lenses don't work. In these situations, patients often leave your practice unhappy, disappointed, and with marginal vision. As a dedicated eye-care specialist, you deserve to know the contacts you prescribe will satisfy your unique patients and give them the crisp, clear vision they seek.

We understand how you feel when a patient leaves your practice disappointed and unhappy, and we're here to help. At SpecialEyes, we believe all patients, even the atypical ones, should be able to wear contacts with optimal fit and visual acuity. Thousands of eye-care providers nationwide agree and trust us to help them fulfill their patients' unique optical needs.

Using our proprietary fitting algorithms, it's an easy, three-step process to get your patients in comfortable contacts that provide great vision. First, obtain your patient's measurements and let us design a customized pair of lenses. Next, evaluate the lenses on-eye and collaborate with consultation to fine-tune any adjustments. Finally, order an annual supply and know your patient will experience a year of successful contact lens wear.

Why settle for standard lenses that don't work well for every patient? And why risk losing these patients to another practice in your area? Partnering with SpecialEyes will substantially expand your contact lens offerings and help ensure even the most difficult-to-fit contact lens patients leave your practice happy and eager to spread the word about the doctor who created something custom just for them!

When you choose to prescribe SpecialEyes lenses, you will have satisfied patients with great vision, more word-of-mouth referrals to your practice, and increased revenues. Most importantly, you will be seen as an expert in your patients' eyes especially among patients who were once told they'd never be able to wear contact lenses.