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Because In-Office
Lenses Don't Always Work

Why Prescribe Our Lenses?

Happy Patients
You will satisfy your unique contact lens patients and give them the crisp, clear vision they deserve.
Word of Mouth
Patients will leave your practice satisfied and spreading the word about the doctor who created custom lenses just for them.
Life Changer
You will be viewed as an expert in your patients’ eyes, and they will rest assured knowing you care about their vision just as much as they do.

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Three Steps to Success

(1) Measure
Obtain patient measurements and let us design trial lenses
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(2) Evaluate
Evaluate lenses on-eye and collaborate with consultation
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(3) Order
Order an annual supply for your happy patient with crisp, clear vision.
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When to Prescribe Our Lenses

As an independent eye-care provider, you have the power to change lives by helping each patient overcome unique optical issues and attain crisp, clear vision. And, we recognize how frustrating it can be when your in-office, go-to contact lenses don’t work. In these situations, patients often leave your practice unhappy, disappointed, and with marginal vision.

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Don’t ask your unique patients to settle for standard contact lenses that don’t work well. Instead prescribe SpecialEyes so these patients leave your practice happy and with the crisp, clear vision they deserve.

Patients experiencing the following conditions are great candidates for SpecialEyes lenses:
  • high refractive errors
  • small or large corneas
  • steep or flat corneas
  • axis-cylinder misalignment sensitivities
  • intolerance for gas-permeable (GP) contact lenses
  • comfort, fit, or visual-acuity issues with in-office contact lenses
  • presbyopia combined with astigmatism
  • presbyopic patients unsuccessful in standard in-office multifocal contact lenses.